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These Foods Can Relieve Discomfort During Menstruation

Does your mood feel unstable or your stomach cramps before and during menstruation? The five foods below can be useful to help you deal with discomfort during menstruation. Come on, find out more! Flatulence, stomach cramps, easy hunger, unstable mood, weak body, are some of the symptoms that you may feel before and during menstruation. This is normal and is caused by hormonal changes during menstruation. Various Healthy Food Choices during Menstruation So that menstruation feels more comfortable, you are encouraged to set a healthy and nutritious diet. This is because during menstruation, hormonal changes occur that make your body needs a variety of nutrients. If during menstruation you feel tired or uncomfortable spending a portion of food at once, you are advised to divide portions of food every 3-4 hours. This is useful for controlling blood sugar levels and preventing mood swings. Here are some healthy food choices that you can consume to relieve discomfort during menstrua
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Don't Panic, This is the Way to Overcome Antibiotic Allergies in Children

Does your child experience a rash or skin itching after taking antibiotics? It could be that he is suffering from an allergy to antibiotics. Don't worry, this can be overcome with proper handling. Antibiotic allergy is an excessive immune reaction to the content in antibiotic drugs. Some classes of antibiotic drugs that often trigger allergic reactions in children are penicillin and sulfa. Symptoms of Antibiotic Allergies in Children Similar to drug allergies in general, antibiotic allergies in children can be characterized by: Dizzy Nausea and vomiting Skin rash Itching of the skin Hard to breathe Difficulty swallowing Swelling of the eyelids and mouth. Symptoms of antibiotic allergy in children usually appear between 1-2 hours after taking medication. However, every child has different allergic reaction times. Children are more at risk of developing antibiotic allergies if there is a history of antibiotic allergy, have had a history of drug allergies, food allergi

Basic Techniques of Communicating with Deaf People

Deaf is someone who has a barrier in hearing function. This condition can be temporary or permanent. For those of you who live with hearing impaired people, of course it will require a special form of communication so that the purpose of the conversation can be conveyed properly. There are two types of hearing loss that make a person deaf, namely innate (existing since birth) and which occur after birth. Congenital deafness can be caused by genetic mutations, descent from parents, or exposure to disease while still in the womb. Whereas hearing impairment that occurs after birth is usually caused by long-term loud noise exposure, age, injury, and certain diseases, such as infections. Hearing Aid for the Deaf The hearing function of the deaf can be helped thanks to the use of hearing aids. This can be a cochlear implant implanted in the ear through surgery, or a hearing aid that can be mounted and removed as desired. In addition, a loudspeaker device can also be installed in elect